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No, this is not a cliché advertisement on condoms and such; we are talking about using a VPN. The fact is that, as our lives revolve more around the internet ecosystem, stronger security measures are needed to protect our privacy. As freedom of speech and of information seems to become more restricted, the importance of such services will become a necessity in the near future.

What is the Purpose of having a VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” which is a term used to describe a digital network within another physical computer network. The aim is to create a private connection between multiple people and devices across the Internet. It is an Internet within an Internet, secure private and encrypted from prying eyes, malware, hackers and anyone else who may wish to know where you surf, or where you are surfing from. Think of it like anti-spying measures, going outside with a different costume/wig every day, like some celebs do to confuse the paparazzi.

There are lighter reasons for needing a VPN as well, like trying to get that U.S.A. exclusive Netflix catalog or that cheaper LATAM Spotify subscription. Also, depending on your profession and public notoriety you might want to take extra measures to protect your privacy against any blackmail attempt. This includes journalists and filmmakers who expose government corruption and the crimes of the higher class. It’s a great way to prevent social media blockades like the ones experienced in China or Egypt during the “Arab spring”.

In reality, VPN technology has been around for a very long time. Originally created for big business, it was never intended for the many purposes to which it is used today. Businesses, organizations, governments, and others with sensitive information were at risk of hacking or other loss of data when using open Internet connections. It just happened that the necessity was adopted massively as the internet was deemed a basic home utility.



There are many VPNs that offer great value for your money and if you pay a 1-year subscription you are guaranteed to save a few bucks. You can always start with a monthly subscription to test the usability of the product. In fact, that’s one of our main recommendations while shopping for your favorite, just make sure to check some reviews beforehand.


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